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What are Blacklight Blue UV Light bulbs?

Blacklight is the emission of ultraviolet (UV-A) light that illuminates fluorescent objects or surfaces, body fluids, etc.

Depending on the wavelength of UV-A light, non-fluorescent areas may illuminate which would not be ideal for many applications that require only select surfaces glow, such as nightclubs or other entertainment and special effects functions.

Sunlite’s LED Blacklight emits UV-A light at the sweet spot of 365nm thus ensuring only surfaces that fluoresce will illuminate. This combined with the low power consumption of LED technology and being maintenance free due to its long life makes this the ideal bulb to install wherever true UV-A light is needed.

Blacklight Blue Led for Amusement Parks, Events and Parties

Amusement Parks, Events and Parties

Many establishments use UV ink for their hand stamps which would only be visible under a black light. Use of UV paints and powder is a great way to make your event or party unique and attract big crowds, as can be seen by the tens of thousands who attend the Blacklight Run events across America.

Blacklight Blue Led for Security and Anti-Counterfeiting

Security and Anti-Counterfeiting

UV light is used to detect security features placed within government documents, currency and other important and valuable items to prevent counterfeiting and insure authenticity. An individual may also place their own invisible UV markings on their valuables which could then be identified with the use of a black light in cases of theft and recovery. UV lighting is also used in helping to identify forgeries in antique paintings and glass.

Blacklight Blue Led for Art, Body Painting and Performances

Art, Body Painting and Performances

UV painting is a fun and exciting means of producing vibrant art that cannot be achieved with standard paint. Whether it’s on canvas or a person’s body, the art created is extremely unique especially when solely utilizing black light as the light source. UV art is used in musical performances as well.

Blacklight Blue UV Light bulbs in use.

Currency, Credit Card, and license glowing under Sunlite Led True Blacklight Blue UV-A A19 Light
Ballons glowing under Sunlite Led True Blacklight Blue UV-A A19 Light
Art and paintings glowing under Sunlite Led True Blacklight Blue UV-A A19 Light


2 Watts

120 Volts

A19 Lamp

25,000 Hours lamp life

Blacklight Blue Color

Medium Base(E26)